Is it a must that you must radius a fretboard, or can you leave it straight, using sandpaper which will round off the edges of it, making it straight and blend in with the neck wood?
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do you have to? no. the guitar will still be a guitar

will it make it much much easier to play if you do? yes
chords will be horrible if you don't.
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Classical guitars use flat fretboards and classical players seem to do just fine. No you don't HAVE to radius the fretboard but it does help.
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If i understand what you mean, then I'm pretty sure you don't

that is in reference to their 'compound radius' style of necks. instead of having a guitar with higher radius on highers frets. and lower radius on lower frets. you'd have one with the same radius all over the neck (as most guitars do) you cannot get a flat radius neck from warmoth.

no radius has some advanteges too.

like, lower action is possible, easier to bend strings, its easier to set up bridges and stuff.
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if you play a lot of single notes quickly and bend a bunch id give it a radius like 14" and up. if you are mostly playing chords then 12" down would be good.
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I don't see why you wouldnt. 4" radius sanding blocks are only 10 dollars on Stew Mac, so its not going to break the bank to get one.

Or there is something on Project Guitar to make your own radius blocks if you can't spend 10 dollars.
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