Hey does anyone recommend any good guitar books or dvds? I own the Speed Kills 2 DVD, Rock Discipline DVD, Rusty Cooley VHS, and Fretboard Logic. I'd like ones that teach advanced techniques(I can already do the shredding stuff) and that teach the theory behind it.(I couldn't name an arpeggio or what key a song is in if my life depended on it.) I mainly into metal, but would also like to learn jazz/fusion and classical so I'm a better player.
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Cutting Loose by Reb Beach.
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Both of these books are outstanding, and are pretty enjoyable reads besides that:


Also, the guy who wrote them, Guthrie Govan, has made some incredible music, so check him out as well.
Try 'The Advancing Guitarist' by mick Goodrick - awesome book, teaches a lot about soloing with the modes of major, melodic and harmonic scales and triads.