I've been working on/painting my RG for about 2 months or so now. I had taking out all the wiring and put the pots in a plastic container up in my room. Today I soldered the pickups back in and when I plug it in and turn the volume up I get static, the notes I play still come through but it's got static... I took the pots off my other guitar and put them in and resoldered the same wires to the same spots. I looked and no wires are touching; the Pots work b/c they did on the other guitar. By the way, I was wiring up Dimarzio Evos, and a Blue Velvet SC (H-S-H). What should I do?
first u check that u wire the input jack correctly.
ground to the middle lug.

then u run along the wires and make sure the color chart u used is correct.

if you dont see the problem, then u might need to post a diagram of what u did or perhaps take some pics, and show us.

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