Hey everyone. I've been playing guitar for only about 3 years and I have the following gear:
-Squire Strat Affinity(signle-coil)
-Peavey Blazer 158
-Traynor SM10

I also have a really powerful 200-300 or so watt stereo system and I was wondering it I should hook it up to my guitar. It is seperate pieces: an amp(like a guitar amp head without the speaker/cab)CD Player, Tape player, and 2 speakers together about the size of a Marshall MG cab. Anyways, is this going to sound better than either of my amps? Should I hook up my Guitar amp as a pre-amp leading to the stereo or opposite? Any suggestions and help it apreciated
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i strongly advise against it. theres nothing technically stopping you, it is possible. however things like ohm ratings and such would have to be determined. it will NOT sound good. it not be as loud as a 300 watt guitar amp really. you do have limited gear for someone who has played for 3 years, so now you get to the funnest part of being a guitar player.


buy an amp.

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If there's a mono input, you could do it. If it's one of the smaller inputs (like for your headphones), you'll have to get a converter. If there's a 1/4" input (the same size as your guitar cable), you can just plug your guitar straight into that. It'd have to be an INPUT though, output won't do anything.

That being said, I'd advise against it. In no ways is it going to replace a decent amp. These types of stereo systems are made to replicate sounds with as little coloring as possible, guitar amps are made to do the exact opposite. The stereo is also voiced different. A guitar amp is made to handle a guitar and sound the best within those ranges, a stereo is made to replicate a whole range of sounds, but doesn't have the same attention to detail as the narrow range of a guitar amp.

Long story short: get new gear.
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you might be able to do it, but i wouldnt reccomend it unless you have a DI box.
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