i know their website has a forum, but either due to time zone differences or just not a lot of people there it takes a long time to get an answer for anything. im looking to put some BK pickups in two of my guitars (the only two that i really use). the first of these being an Jackson SL-1 which i cant attach a pic of (dont know how to shrink the file) but it has a shattered glass finish and the second being a Jackson SLSMG which looks the same as and has the same specs as this one: http://www.slavesforscores.com/gear/nicrig.jpg
i didnt have my own pic to use so i found this on google

the first series of questions regards what pickups i actually want to buy. i know for the neck of the SLSMG i want a Cold Sweat (i hear these are perfect for leads and shredding etc not that im any good at it), and for the neck and middle of my SL-1 im pretty sure i want the Trilogy Suites (they sound like they are the most similar to the cold sweat in terms of their single coils pickups). i just dont know what i want for bridge pickups. im a little weary about going the ceramic magnet route being that my setup is pretty high gain as is (high gain amp, high gain tubes etc) and i want to get some natural, organic, or artuculate (whichever word you want to use) characteristics back into my sound. unless im convinced otherwise that leaves me with the Nailbomb and the Holy Diver (im not interested in the warpig). i would like for my two guitars to sound as similar as possible so i dont have to change my EQ settings every time i change my guitar, so im not sure it would be a good idea to get one of each (even if i did do this i wouldnt know which one to put in which guitar) unless the different woods of the guitars with the different pickups will match up well. i play mostly power metal and 80s hair metal etc but im really trying to nail the Hammerfall tone. which of those two pickups would you recommend (one day their forums say nailbomb, the next day they say holy diver so im confused lol)?

my next questions explain why i attached pics of the guitars to the post. im not sure what would look better between getting the pickups covered or uncovered. im thinking putting covers on the SLSMG while keeping the SL-1 open since they dont make covered single coils and id rather not have one covered humbucker with two exposed single coils. im pretty sure im getting all the pickups black but if anyone has a better idea that might be crazy enough to work definately run it by me.

my last series of questions regards the ordering process and not knowing what to select for certain things. for the humbuckers im not sure if i should select 50mm or 53mm spacing, nor do i know if i should select 4 conductor or braided 2 conductor. for the single coils i dont know if i should pick vintage stagger or flat profile magnets, nor do i know if i sould pick Stock or RW/RP polarity.

is there anything else i would need to know before ordering these from their website? about how much would this (3 humbuckers and 2 singles) cost in USD? sorry for the long post and thanks for any help