so i recently got the first to seasons of The Adventures of Pete & Pete on dvd. and they're pretty much awesome. then i noticed the band singing the theme song, whose name is polaris. so i wiki'd them, and i found that they were pretty much a band called miracle legion, but had to change their name for the show for legal reasons or something.

anyway, i picked up the only polaris album, "music from the adventures of pete and pete", and it's pretty badass. so, i was wondering, would anyone on UG know of which miracle legion album would be a good one to start listening to?

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Don't know. That's a great album. I love em from Pete&Pete. I'm so glad they're on DVD.
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They were such a tiny band that it's prettymuch impossible to find any Miracle Leigon at all. I have a copy of their cover of Hey Mr. Spaceman by the Byrds, but thats all I can find at all.

But MFtAoP&P is such an amazing album. I love the dude's voice.
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