has anybody made a bass and have any advice cuz im thinking about making one. im pretty good with wood working and thought it would be really cool.
Are talking about making it from scratch, or picking out your own body, neck, etc? I've looked into ordering the parts, but the price is the only thing holding me back.

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I built a bass body from scrath and bolted on parts that I had lying around. I made it out of mahogany (sounds great but was hard to cut, route, and basically work with). It sounds better than my $400 Iceman, but is harder to play because its heavy as f**k! The wood cost me $40, satin and other supplies about $25. I estimate that the other parts on it amount to about $200.
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I haven't built one (I have a custom in the works though, and I've been present for most of the making).

Depending on what you want to do it can be alot of work, and very pricey. Depending on the quality of electronics/parts/woods you can easily pay over $1000. But you can also by the cheapest things you can, and spend less than $200.

It's your choice really. Who knows, you may end building the best bass in the world. Chances are however that you won't first time out.

I suggest you go over to the Customizing &building forum. They'd be able to help you alot more than most of the people here.
I am making a bass by scratch as well all i have to say is its really hard to do im not ordering any parts and so far i have a peice of s**t sittin in my room with some keys on it... just know what your doiing before you start or else you might end up wastin your time on a peice of crap....
What I suggest you do is to take a old rundown beatup Bass and make it your own! Go down to a pawn shop and get the cheapest peice of shit you can find, sand it down, repaint it, modify the **** out of it, really make it your own!

It is what I did! :P