So for my birthday I got a ton of money, 'cause I have a huge family. But anyways, I went to my local skate shop (Stalefish) and bought a Sector Nine longboard. This thing is like the craziest thing ever. I've always wanted to longboard after I saw Lords of Dogtown (the carving stuff was insane) So I decided to get one. I've only had it for a few days. I rode it down this hill near my house and tried carving. It's amazing. I love it.

Does anyone else have a Sector Nine or any longboard? I just want to know what you all do with them and stuff. I want ideas for tomorrow (if it doesn't snow) and just in general.
basically they're just alot of fun to ride on feels like your surfing on the concrete wich is nice but its pretty unpractical for any tricks but i have seen a guy who could boardslide on a pretty high rail wich was kinda nuts.
You lucky guy, I can,t skate anymore cause it is too snowy. I have to go to the skatepark...anyway I haven't tried longboards but it looks cool. I don't think you can do any tricks with that, can you?
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^ Actually you can. They're not really "tricks" like they are on a regular skate board, but they're still pretty cool. Type in Adam Colton or something like that, or type Longboard tricks tips on youtube, and you'll see some cool things.

But yeah, its actually snowing right now which totally sucks, cuz it won't be dry tomorrow.

I surf and skate, and I don't snowboard so now theres nothing for me to do! MEH! >_<

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