i want to be a musician more than i want to be a guy who can shred and play real fast. i want to be able to understand chord progressions and write good lead lines that sound good to use in soft rock type music (like coldplay or the fray only without words and with a more musical type feel). now, i dont mean really hard stuff, just easy listening music that has a contemperary (sp?) feel. now, having said that, what do i need to know to do this? what scales would be best to practice? what chord progressions are good? anything will help. thanks.
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Learn more and more about chord construction. The more you know about the chords, the better you can use them in your writing.

Any scale can work, no scale is better than any other for that situation. The Major scale and it's modes will be easy enough to learn and apply.

Try listening to alot of guys like Satriani or Marty Friedmans' solo work to get a good idea about writing melodies and good leads. Listen to some Jazz or Fusion, or even some classical.
So you want to be a songwriter, huh? Here's my advice (taken from personal experience):

1.) You need to know the basics of music theory (scales, rhythms, chord construction)
2.) You need to listen to a lot of songwriters in the style you're going for
3.) You need to play many, many, many other people's songs. The wider the variety, the better. Jazz, Pop, Classical, Rock, Metal, etc. They will all come in handy sometime in your writing. Plus, you can get a good feel for what chords sound good where and when.

Unfortunately, there is no one thing that can make you the best musician possible. Being a musician is about having the versatility on your instrument to be able to play whatever is called on upon you. Classical players know how to play popular tunes as much as Jazz players know a couple classical peices (or can spout off some variation of one). It will all come with MUCH practice.

Oh, and you must look at practice like working out in a gym. Sure, at first it's rough, but then you get in the habit of it and you start to like it. You start to see change, and after a while, you realize you're one bad motha.

That's all I can say.
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