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Im having a lot of trouble playing this, i dont know which finger to bend with and which finger to pull off with. Do i bend up? pull off up? or down. Also , do i just practice this slow and build up pace or do i practice some sort of lick to help me get up to speed? I need help on playing this, because is sounds so @#$%ing cool.

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How do i also play this clean and which finger and stuff... Any help is appreciated.
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the 7th frets i would use my index finger. 9th i'll use middle.
10th would be middle, but i use the so called "blues style" to grab my neck.
and yea.

for the second one, i think u use index for the 7th fret, and ring finger for the e string 10th fret, and middle finger for the b string 10th fret.
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