I'm going to try and find a Corvette Standard for a decent price soon, and I was wondering what the major differences would be if I got an active over a passive, besides the whole battery thing. I've played an active bass before, some Ibanez with a nice fat tone...but I couldn't really figure out the real difference...any help?
The passive will probably have fuller tone, and the active will probably have more power and headroom. Your decision, really. Depends which feature you'd rather have.
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Active basses give you a more versatile tone, usually a bit cleaner, due to the bass itself having basically a preamp. Usually if you have the choice between Active and passive you should go for active, but it's all in personal preference, and it's not to say that passive basses can't sound just as good, or better.
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Well basically, you have three options with Warwick.

You have
a) All passive
b) Passive pickups with active onboard preamp.
c) Active pickups with active onboard preamp.


The active onboard preamp allows you to change a 2 band eq on your bass, i.e. increase/decrease bass or treble. Active pickups in general give more definition than passive.

Both my Warwicks have active pups with onboard pre-amp. I've spoken to passive users, and they wished they went for the full active versions. But each to his own. I'm actually coming to a point where I'm looking for a more passive warm tone, rather than the defined growly Warwick tone.