Ok so ive got a bC Rich Platimum Series Warlock Bass, im pretty much happy with it except for the pups and the wiring, which im planning on replacing. the problem is for all my knowledge of guitar parts and whatnot i dont much about bass pups. this is the tone im looking for, and my bass has one P Bass style pup and one J Bass style pup, i would appreciate recommendations for both. Oh and id like to stay away from actives if possible.
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i'm in exactly the same position as you.

I'm leaning towards EMG for their name and i reckon you could get that tone (minus effects) with just about any PJ configuration (i can get that with my corts powersounds)

but i'm open to suggestions
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EMGs work quite well for passive-type pickups. The Deans I own have EMGs, and they produce a solid tone and sound. I recommend them.
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I'd recommed Seymor Duncans to be honest. Preferabbly overwound ones. The P-neck puckup may be a bit Bassy then you want, but that is why god made Bridge Pickups. Though get a Bridge pickup with Alcino V pole peices.

Oh, and if yuo are doing a custom wiring job, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD STAY AWAY FROM THE STANDARD VOLUME/VOLUME/TONE SETUP! There are FAR more versitle control setups avalable.
I second the hot seymour duncans
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