Yeah so here's my cover of JG's awesome rendition.

I can't sing all too well - things get pitchy at the end (and I know there's some mistakes in the editing - I couldn't get rid of them!!!).

Thanks for listening, will happily crit back when I get the chance!


This is great sounds alot like the actual recording. Only a few bits were sligthly off, but aside from that fantastic.

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Guitar is spot on man! You got the feel perfect! The vocals are pretty good!

Over all I like it alot!
Wow, thats really good man, well done. I like it. Guitar is spot on and I really like your vocals
Dude, that was amazing! There was a slight feedback in the background but still great
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Thanks for the crit.
You did an awesome job on this one I must say. Your guitar playing was flawless, theres not much I can really say about it except it sounded great. And your vocals matched the tone of the song very nicely, you have a nice soft voice, and everything seemed on pitch. The only thing I noticed was that sometimes you seemed to be singing a little too fast and it got a little off tempo. But it was a very minor problem, not really noticeable. Overall 9/10, excellent recording, very relaxing!
thanks for all the feedback guys. Really means alot to me.

I know the tempo was a bit too fast... but i didnt want ot re-record it all again. Should post some more stuff up soon..