I would like to order a classical guitar online..this meaning i wouldnt get to try it first...anybody help me choosing a good company...or even recomend a model...in the 750 $ US. range

for that prize you should really check high quality "Alhambras". Its a spanish company. i am pretty sure that they ship outside spain. they dont have normally high prizes and they are just great guitars

edit for 600 to 700 euros ( thats a little more than 750 dollars) youll have a great amazing almost concert guitar
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may i ask your reasoning behind not trying some out?
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the stores around where i live dont carry any classical guitar bcuz they are not demanded
Rule Number one: NEVER buy a guitar that you haven't inspected and played first. I have heard horror stories of guitars being nothing like they were expected to be, after buying them on the net.

Rule Number Two: Buy from a GOOD Guitar Shop. If you encounter any problems, you have someone to help you out. They also may give you discounts on other guitar toys/equipment considering you bought a guitar from them. My guitar shop gives me 15% off everything I buy. Music Books, strings, guitar straps etc etc
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Trying out should be your first priority. But if you can't, order from a reputable online merchant. Esteve and Alhambra should be safer bets.