Hey, does anyone here, or does anyone know someone that uses a multi effect processor and single stompboxes? If so, whats the setup like?
Really, you can set up your pedals however you want. I personally go: guitar->phaser->distortion->wah->delay->amp, but you can do it in any order, it's all a matter of personal preference.
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Yeh, I use a Digitech RP50 with a Boss Phase Shifter and Marshall Vibratrem.
I mainly use the RP50 for my Distortion/OD presets and stuff, then I put the Phase before it, and the Vibratrem after it.

The Phase can work either way, but Tremolo you I've found needs to be after distortion, cos if you put it before, it Tremolos, then the distortion just evens out the volume getting, making it pointless.

But yeh, you can set it up however you like, I think, the "standard" way to do it is "Wah/Phase > Distortion > Modulation > Delay > Amp. Or you can put the Modulation and Delay in your effects loop.
yes you can, my zoom gfx8 has an external distortion option where you can hook up another distortion pedal, and use that instead of the onboard distortion, and still be able to use the wah, chorus, trem, etc.
I run my PD7 before the ZOOM. tbh, you can do whatever you want with your pedals, if it sounds good then it sounds good.
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I run a Boss GT-8 and several other pedals...my signal chain is as follows...

Guitar -- Boss GT-8 -- Out from GT-8 FX Send -- Morley BH-2 -- Ibanez TS-9 -- Input of amp (Fender HRD) -- Out from HRD FX Send -- In to GT-8 FX Return -- Out from GT-8 Output -- Danelectro Dan-Echo -- In to FX Return of amp.

This allows me to take the preamp on my HRD out of the chain completely and use the amp models directly from the GT-8 into the HRD power amp...or I can mix and match and layer tones. Not a bad way to operate.

I'm currently waiting for my Mesa to get here so I can test the rig out with the new amp, and I'm thinking of jumping into the TC electronics G-System or G-Force and going with a Digitech Whammy, RMC Wah, Xotic BB Preamp and Fulltone Ultimate Octave in front of the amp, but we'll see how the GT-8 performs first.