so this is kinda lame but, vday is coming up and i kinda want to write a song for my gf

lame lame lame i know but thats the plan

ive been trying for sometime now to do so but im just more of a rock writter i guess. Ive tried working with open chords and picking to get something like, I will follow you into the dark - Death Cab for Cutie or the works of Dallas Green (since those are some of her favorite artists).

So does anyone have any advice on doing this? Any help would really really be great.

just play her tide by the spil canvas all girls love that song :P

but honestly being an acoustic writer in somewhat of an emo categor it really hard to tell you how to write it just put feeling into it and im pretty sure she will like it just because you wrote it for her cause ive done it before and teh song sucked and my singing sucked because i was nervous and she still loved it so yeah it doesnt really matter
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well i havent actually written one, but ive played around with some stuff. Just play with some chords you know and come up with a progression and stuff like that. Then also some non-chord riffs. Then find the way it all comes together. I have basically done this and made a song but i just cant be bothered writing it down.

Also, you can try using your electric guitar instead of acoustic if you are having trouble making it your style. If you have a RP50 or something like, try using some of the affects and with them you can make your songs sound really fancy.
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personally, i can't just sit down and say, "Okay, time to write a song." something that helped me write a song was tuning my guitar differently. i tuned to DADGAD and found that i could make nicer sounds and it became a lot easier to write a song. i don't really know what to tell you though. maybe just mess around with chords and notes until you find stuff that goes with each other. good luck.
If you want to take the easy approach:

1. Find two chord progressions that sound good and are in the same key.

2. Designate one of the chord progressions to be the verse progression and the other to be the chorus progression (use your intuition to decide).

3. Fingerpick the verse chords as arpeggios, and strum the chorus chords.

4. If you haven't already, write lyrics to accompany the music.

Very cliché and generic, but this is as effortless as it gets, and you're gf probably wouldn't mind anyway.
For acoustic, I'd start (if it's your first or so for acoustic) with open chords. For example, if you play G, D, Em, C, play with that. Write down some words, your feelings, make a little poem (if you're singing.) then hum along with whatever you're playing, and then put the words in. Give it time, writing a beatiful song takes some time.