Im not for sure if this is where I post this question at but here it goes. First off,I have a lung disease,Cystic Fibrosis,wich is basicly I produce more sweat and salt then my body can keep up with but it causes me to always kinda have sweaty/clamy hands/skin. Well,when I play ALOT of grime builds up on the fret board. I recently purchased a new Jackson and have been keeping it cleaned off like crazy but I have an old Schecter C1 Diamond Series Guitar where the fret board is corroded with grime and such and I was wondering how to clean it off without making the fret board look mauled up and a good way to keep grime build up off the neck (of course cleaning,but any type of a solution I can apply?) Also,what would be the best way to take rust off parts? (Pickups,Bridge,Screws..etc) Thanks alot!

rust is a pain, you may have to sand it down, but for the fretboard i would clean it as soon as you are done playing with a butter knife wrapped in a soft paper towel to get under the strings and all.
also i suggest using PowerChord cleaning solution, it does a great job in cleaning and protecting your guitar.
I've been reading - a lot of Luthiers suggest Lin Seed Oil.
As opposed to Lemon seed oil posted around here somewhere.

No Orange Glow - -or gasoline.
I use lighter fluid to clean my fretboard. Then rub some lemon oil into it. Steel wool would be good for removing the rust.