Sweet, thanks. I love the overall color of it. I\'m going to look into getting one
Its a custom built '59 Fender P-Bass, some guy asked on their site a while ago
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If it's beat up it may be a vintage p, I know he said he's got 8 basses, I know that either two or three are p basses and ones a ricky 4003.

Also fender custom shop guitars are like 2k-3k I believe, but if you ask for more complicated stuff like Clapton's midboost or something completely random (like some crazy looking guard or something I don't know) then it gets worse as they have to design something new instead of toying with something old.
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Those are some videos of him playing with the bass i'm wondering about. What kind of bass is that? I'm almost positive it's a Fender, I was thinking it was a Stu Hamm Urge for some reason because they look the same for the 3 burst color.

It doesn't look like a Stu Hamm at all....