I need to buy a 50 watt amp, dont care what brand or year as long as it works

Yeah, I need a 50 watt amp, I dont give a sh*t if its Peavery or Ampeg or whatever, as long as it works.

Ill buy whoever has the cheapest one here..

It would be especially nice if you had a 50 watt with a input and output plug, and distortion.

But im looking for just about anything.
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ACtually, I dont care what wattage, but it needs to be in the 150$ish price range. And it needs to be atleast 50 watts.

Like to contradict yourself much??
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alright, you need to tell me how you get the shits to come out
Try a pawn shop or Craigslist so you don't have to wait for it to be shipped to you.
Im trying it all, and no I didnt contradict myself. Read a little closer, I didnt say it had to be 50 watts, I said it has to be ATLEAST 50 watts.

I just lost a bid on a 100watt by 2.50$ so im kind of in the shitter right now.