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I just heard of a friend of a friend about an ampo hes sellin. its a vox valvatronic 120Watt. i dnt know much about the amp but will probably check it out tyhis afternoon. just wonderin what everyone thinks of it and if its a good buy. also wondering what would be a decent price for it?
any help appreciated.
Is it the VOX AD120VTH? If so, they go for about $600 new. Never tried one though.
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Are you over 30?
Probably not, but if you are, click HERE.
1100 MSRP/600 from MF retail.

be wary of spending more than 400 on it.
if you have enough to spend more than that then you should be able to save just a liiiiiiiittle bit longer to buy something better.
especially if you dont have a cab. then you'll have paid money that you couldve saved instead of on something you cant even use.
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well the guy whos selling said he bout it for 1600 four months ago so whats a decent price i should pay?
1600 AUD? i dont know how much that is in USD for comparison, but it sounds like a good start on something slightly more expensive but much better. and offering him too little will really give him the shtty end of the stick, so i say save your money, unless you really want the head or he offers it really low.
valvetronixes arent bad by any means, but they should be used for a practice amp. if thats what you want, you dont need the version that requires more space and not as portable; you could spend less money and get a version that is better suited to what you want. if you want a gigging amp, you should get simply a better amp, and you have enough money to seriously consider saving more for that.
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he offered me to pay 1200. so would that of been a decent deal? srry i didnt realy understand what u said just then. its no a head its an amp.
^ a head is an amp, I think you mean it's the combo

anyway the AD120VTX 2x12 combo is RRP AU$1999 and can be had for $1689 here . To be honest he aint doing you any favours selling it for AU$1200, it's not a rip off but definately not a bargain. Remember it's not an all tube amp and you could get say a Marshall DSL401 for about AU$1300 brand new, I saw a good one go on ebay for AU$560 just last week. I paid AU$700 for my JCM800 2x12 combo from a pawn shop. I say keep looking.

And there's no use just comparing US and Aussie dollars there's more to it than just that, we pay big import taxes too.
well ill check it out anyway and see what its like. thanks for all the help.
Just make sure you check out a lot of amps, I'm guessing there's not too many shops in Margeret River to go to but you could do a lot better than a hybrid for that kind of money.
ok yer its just a bit of a hassle trying to somewhere where theres decent shops