My birthdays coming up and I want to get a multi effects pedal. Yes I know it's better to get separate pedals rather than a cheap multi fx pedal but I can't afford to get separates and I don't really know what I want.

OK, I've been looking around at multi fx pedals and these 2 strike me as what I want the most for the price:
Zoom G2.1U
Digitech RP250

Here's why I like them and what I want in a multi-fx unit: Both have expression pedals, both have USB interface to connect to computer for recording etc, both have lots of effects and amp models to play around with.

At the moment I think I'll be getting the Zoom G2.1U because: It's about £40 ($80) cheaper, comes with Cubase LE software to support the USB interface and I've read a lot of good things about it although I've heard the wah-wah isn't great on it which is a bit of a bummer.

I haven't heard much about the Digitech RP250 although it's features look great and its more expensive which must be for a reason but I don't know.

So I'd like to know what you guys think. What would be the better pedal to get? Or do you know of any other great pedals for around the £100 price with USB and expression pedal? I don't know a lot about this time of stuff so input would be great! Thanks a lot guys!
Ibanez RG760 (For Sale)
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Zoom G2.1U effects pedal (For Sale)
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anyone please??
Ibanez RG760 (For Sale)
Yamaha Pacifica (For Sale)
Zoom G2.1U effects pedal (For Sale)
Tanglewood Acoustic
Kustom 16DFX Amp
I have a Digitech RP-250 and really like it.
Most of the preset sounds are OK, but they are so easily tunable that I've left very few alone. The screamer distortion model is fantastic as is the flanger. The Cry Wah is very close to a CryBaby pedal.

I haven't noticed any additional noise from the unit either.

Some of the detuning effects are a bit cheezy but I don't use them much anyway.

The ability to edit the settings on my PC is really useful, and you can also use Audacity to record directly from the RP250 via a USB cable. Pretty cool.

I'm not familiar with the Zoom product so can't offer a comparison.
i have a b2.1u and the wah is alright, but nothing brilliant. expect the same from the g2.1 (same stuff!)
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