I used to play drums for my metalcore band, but then I moved to guitar and my best friend got on drums. So since then my guitar playing has gotten a lot better, and I have a creative outlet so I'm really writing A LOT.

Our guitar work has never been very technical, but I decided last week that I was going to practice up and start implementing some faster playing. So far I've composed two quick guitar fills in two songs in places where it sounded a bit empty, and I'm really proud of the way they sound. One is a triplet fill and it starts out with a quick picking run, with 3 notes on the C# string then 3 on the G# string, then a short sweep pattern (4 notes). The other is a bit slower, and it starts out with a short lead melody that turns into 2 hammer on/pull offs and then the right hand comes in further up the neck with really quick tapping, then I use the palm of my right hand to do a quick slide back down the neck. It sounds a lot like a Van Halen fill. So I've been practicing them, and then today we practiced as a band (my first show as guitarist is saturday), and I nailed them both. It was so satisfying, and then I looked over and the other guitarist and bass player were like 0_0. It was sweet lol.

So I'm pretty psyched about it, obviously. What are some parts you've written that you're really proud of? And how did it feel when you melted peoples faces off with them?

EDIT: And BTW neither of my fills are THAT hard. They're hard for me though. But they're much more technical than what we've done as a band in the past and if we keep it in moderation it will really add to our music. Just letting you know I'm not a complete ego trip... yet!!
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