so im gonna be getting some pedals soon hopefully a good amount so what pedals do you guys know that arent true bypass or suck tone to much heres the list of what im looking at

tu- tuner boss (99% sure this is fine)
ts9 tubescreamer(i know if i keeley mod it it will have true bypass)
digitech whammy
digitech digiverb
boss DD-20
boss oc-3
ibanez cs9 chorus
mxr van halen phase 90
EH pog
possibly a EH english muffin (if my TS and tube amp cant for soeme odd reason get what i need)
and one of the foxx tone machine reissues they got on musicans friend for fuzzzz

i also alreayd have a boss ac-3 boss tr-2(plan to have modded) crybaby classis(?) i dunno exactly its the cheapest one (plan to have modded)

i know its alot but sounds are cool man as long as i stay true to the instrument and just enhance it i see no problem anyway dont flame me for wanting a sh!t load of effects but yea give me a heads up on tone suckers and possibly alternative for a similar sound
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tubescreamers dont have True bypass, they have a buffer circuit, but they arent tone suckers as far as i know.
ive heard the whammy is a tone sucker while On, possibly the same with the ibanez chorus. ive never heard of foxx before so i dont know. a crybaby is arguably a tone sucker, ask a vox lover.

imo, if you get any one or two new effects, get the Pog and the whammy. those in conjunction would be CRAZY.
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yeah actually i think the HOG is better than te POG. the tube screamer has a good buffer and doesnt really need to be true bypass, and the only pedals on there that i can say would be tone suckers are the crybaby (if not modded to be true bypass) and the the digiverb, which isnt very good anyway. but honestly if you have a crapload of pedals youre going to have tone loss, just by virtue of having a long signal chain.
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tu- tuner boss (99% sure this is fine) -NOT fine. Horrible tone suck from almost all tuners.

ts9 tubescreamer(i know if i keeley mod it it will have true bypass) -Yes, otherwise it's not.

digitech whammy- Not TBP.

digitech digiverb - Not TBP. Not too much tone suck though.

boss DD-20 - Not TBP, but the tone suck is minimal.

boss oc-3 - Not TBP, a bit of tone suck but not a whole lot. Should be ok.

ibanez cs9 chorus - Not TBP, probably a bad tone suck like most Ibanez.

mxr van halen phase 90 - Not sure on this one.

EH pog - Unsure on this as well.

possibly a EH english muffin - A great pedal for high and low gain- TBP.

and one of the foxx tone machine reissues they got on musicans friend for fuzzzz - Not TBP, and there are MUCH better fuzzes for the price. Check out Analogman and Fulltone.
alright thanks guysthat helped alot well i didnt see the tuner as a tone sucker coming at all would running the dry output to a tuner from the whammy take care of that problem? i'll cehck out those fuzzes and look around for a better chorus i kinda had a feeling that all those pedals would cause tone loss not matter how good they are anyway to countereffect the long signal chain affect?

edit- how bout the EH small clone for a chorus replacement ive herd great things so is it worth trying out if you've used it?
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The way to counteract a long signal chain is to put a buffered pedal at the beginning.
With so many pedals, you might want to look into getting a couple really good, versatile pedals ( Line 6 MM4 and FM4, DD20, Fulldrive 2, and a Sunface Fuzz would cover everything you mentioned) - they will have minimal tone suck and will sound better overall.
The Clone is great. IIRC the MXR regular old 90 doesn't suck tone. EVH I dunno, I bet they're basically the same circuit though.
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