Since my hair has gotten longer in the front it has started to curl where I don't want it to, to like the other side and wierd stuff like that. How can I make my hair go the way I want it to without using gel?
Hair straightener...?
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iron that shit. it's what all the cool kids (like me) do. emo kids too, but don't let that bother you. you can straighten your hair and not be emo.
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i have the same problem, what i do is wear like a hat or bandanna right after a shower as my hair is drying, that way it dries straight...
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Hair straightener...?

I straighten my hair occasionally, havent done so for about 2 weeks cause I haven't gone out anywhere, other than to work.
damn curly-ass hair. i get that all the time. i guess its cause i keep wearing my hat while its drying... i should stop doing that.
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