I have a washburn, lyon that was bought from Target. It was a birthday present from my grandmother. The problem is, it is really hard to press the strings down and when you play past the 7th fret it starts to make a buzzing sound when I play. It also is really hard to bend the strings and I'd like to be able to do this. I was wondering, if I replaced the strings with something nicer. Do you think it would improve the playing ability of the guitar? If it would any suggestion on new string to buy for it?
Change the strings to steel. The ones that you have are nylon. Used only on acoustics, cause they produce a brighter sound for chords. Change to either flat or wound steel strings(normal electric guitar strings) for easy bending and for it to feel like a normal guitar.
No...it wont make any difference. At least only to a certain extent.
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^^ lighter gauge nylon strings would definitely be able to help you out.
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Try lighter strings, maybe Elixir or other coated strings. Have your local shop check your truss rod adjustment and possibly shave the bridge saddle to lower the action.
Don't put electric strings on... that's ridiculous.

Also he made no mention of Nylon strings, and the only information on the Washburn Lyon I can find is of an electric guitar.

Ok I just went on Target and found that they have Washburn Lyon strings. They are acoustic strings but they are steel, so why people are giving advice about nylon strings I don't know.
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