Alright my old band broke up (the link's below). I play rhythm, and i can play some solos ("you shook me all night long"; ending solo for "beverly hills"; and some others). I'm not the best soloist as you can see, but i can play well. I've written a song that my old band used to play, i could always change it. I'm punctual, and would almost always show up to band practice, unless i had prior plans (school/sports/family). I use my supplies, and i rarely ever need to ask for things to use. I get my liscense in a few months, so i might not be able to come to practice if i can get a ride. I sing bass, and i might be able to sing back-up if needed. And as my previous bandmates would say, i'm very good when it comes to learning songs fast.

Also, the drummer Graham would like to join any band i'm in...and he's pretty good.

So if anyone wants me, PM me or leave a message on here...i can't go anywhere past Findlay, Upper Sandusky, or Fostoria.
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