Ok so the cab is 8 ohms stereo and has 4 speakers that use 100 watts stereo. My head is a 120watt head so will it cause the speakers to blow. Also what kind of cord do i use to hook up the head to the cab. Is it just a regular instrument cable because on the back it says class 2 wiring. Confused
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its better to use a stereo cable instead of an instrument cable.
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Yeah, use a speaker cable (I assume that's what he meant by stereo cable?), they're generally much shorter and can handle higher voltages. Also, I don't think you'll have to worry too much about blowing the speakers, but definitely don't turn up your amp to 10. Just curious, what amp/cab do you have?

Since when did "stereo cable" equal "speaker cable?"

You want speaker cable. Instrument cable can blow and then blow your output transformers if you have a tube amp.

You want the cab in mono mode...can't you do that?

If it's 100 watts per stereo channel, the mono channel wattage rating should be 200 watts.
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