I haven't written a song in a loooooong time. This just came to me about 5 minutes ago. What do you all think?


I want nothing more
Than to see something different
To hear a note I've never heard
To change the scenery once and for all
Get outta this place forever
And never look back

But its the same old faces
In the same tired town
And I'd like nothing better
than to burn this place to the ground

The monotony of life
Drags me down like dead weight
Breaks my back with crushing force
Burns me alive from inside out
Tries to suck me back down
But I'm gonna break free

So begins the one man exodus
A road trip to hell or some other life
Watch my shadow eclipse and disintegrate
But don't be too torn apart by all of this
Soon there'll be another face
That'll be replacing mine

And its the same tired faces
In the same old town
You know one of these days
I'm gonna burn this ****ing place to the ground
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This would be amazing with a little light piano, I'm not sure what you had in mind when you wrote this, but I definitely had a piano playing in my mind when I read it. It'd also sound amazing as an AC/DC sounding song.

Anyway...the lyrics are good, but I tend to not write the words "of it all" anywhere in my songs, too broad of a term, it could mean anything, try to narrow it down. I tend to make things too broad when I write as well, it's a thing we all do, however, I tend to jump from subject to subject, I've listened to Supper's Ready way too many times.
thankyew its been edited. i dunno if its gonna flow as well but its a work in progress so its whatever,
Selling a FZ-2 Hyper Fuzz. 35 o.b.o. Any takers?
You could simply change it to "The monotony of my life (or just life)" it will probably flow, and it's certainly more detailed than "it all".
very emotional. It seems like you were having trouble getting what you were thinking on the paper.
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it was good, just cut out the word entire in the chorus, it's not needed, and it screws up the tempo, just keep it simple, I liked it
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bump? crit for crit possibly? thankyew
Selling a FZ-2 Hyper Fuzz. 35 o.b.o. Any takers?
i could see this working quite well with a band.. Good lyrics
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