Recently my band and I finished working on a new song. It has quite an old school heavy metal feel to it (Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden-ish) So when it comes to doing the solo I wanna make a metal sounding solo, but even with distortion my solos always seem to sound a bit bluesy. Now I'm alright with that but the rest of the band want heavy metal, not blues metal.

The chord progression is A5, C5 (8th fret E string) G5, D5 over and over but with a metal rythm. The scale I am using is the A Blues scale at the 17th Fret (later going down to the 5th fret) I've also got alright distortion going on as well.

Any help or scale reccomendations would be aprecciated!
yeah man, minor scales, or if you want to do something different that still sounds cool, try using scales like the hungarian minor or others like that...
minor scales...and try some spanish sounding scales...forget what it's called but it's here: all-guitar-chords.com
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diminished, minor, augmented, hirojishi(sp?) and then throw the locrian major scale in there for good measure.
I donno Im a fan of Lydia though not a lot of ppl seem to use it... Lydia with lowered 3rd it wicked though.. it basicly a minor with lowered 5th...
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or you could just do the normal maj and minor scales but with some chromatic runs in them while picking fast.... or do some melodic stuff

and a few off notes here and there
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