Say I wanted a Floyd but also wanted to be able to go from standard to drop-d without un-clamping and such... If I just left the locks at the nut undone, would it have any adverse effects on anything? Would it go out of tune any faster than with a strat style trem with a normal nut? Or would that screw something up?
Yeah it would, the change in tension would throw all the other strings out of tune.
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Put the floyd on and use the D-Tuna... you will see it on the Peavey Wolfgang's. Eddie Van Halen designed it and it works wonders.

If you leave the lock nut undone... and use the floyd... you will have some major tuning issues.

The D-Tuna costs about 50 bucks... look on Ebay for cheaper... it takes no time to install and is easy to use.
Changing tunings is a pain with floating bridges, unless you buy aditional springs.
D-tuna is the only way to go...
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Yup - D-tunas won't work on floating trems, only ones that sit flat on the wood. If you leave the locking nut undone your guitar will go out of tune as soon as you mess with the trem. However, drop-tuning isn't just a matter of re-tuning one string with a floyd, ones you re-tune the E string it'll send all your other strings out so you have to retune the whole guitar.
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