hey guyz ok basicly me and my friends are playing at a talent show and we are using this progression check it out at my dmusic acc its called progression


and i have to do a short solo over these chords which are

C5 Cmaj7 Bb5 F5 G5

all the 5 chords are power chords

then at 00:40 move it up to the key of D

ok now ive been soloing over these chord for the past half hour and i can definitely use the major C major scale but then when i change into Bb5 i have to use some other scale and i cant find it.... does it mean that i moved into the key of Bb when i switched into Bb5???

i tried switching from C major scale into Bb major scale and it kinda works but do you know of any other scale i could use??? i cant really think of any else other than the Bbmajor scale because the chord is Bb5
I would imagine an F pentonic shape would work. The B in the Cmaj7 would be a blues note, and the G would be a M2.

The Bb5 or the B in the Cmaj is an accidental (depending how you look at it), so you'd have to mess with it.

If you changed the Bb5 to an A5, you could use a Cmaj scale. If you change the Cmaj7 to a C7 (dominant), you could use pentonic/blues/minor.

If you want to improv you're in a bad situation right now imo.
lolz yea dude i realized that at the beginning i was like dang.... so ok without changing the progression i can use an Fmaj pentatonic??? and then when Bb5 comes in i land on a Bb note or sth like that???? cuz the audience will be high school kids who mostly listen to rap so they prob wouldnt know a key change if their lives depended on it ( yes i go to a private school)...

im thinking of changing the whole song but its just 1 week till the talent show
Nah, in this case, the B in the Cmaj7 becomes the accidental. I'm not sure (i dont have a guitar near me) but this scale would work:


Might not work, but give it a try.
Im off to bed.

EDIT: Remember, it's not only what scale you use, but how you use it. lol
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no the B in the Cmaj7 is good because B is the 7th note in the C major scale so i can use the C major over it... the scale u gave me works wonderful with the Bb5 but it really has an odd change in the song when i switch between them... do you think i could use a lydian over the Bb5?? and how did you know to use the F minor pent anyway?? god music theory is so hard.........
You could change the chord progression when you get to the improv part.... that would greatly simplify things.

Im saying the B in the Cmaj7 is an accidental because if you use the F scale I gave you the C would would be some form of minor. (Im to lazy to figure out the mode) Playing it the Cmaj7 in the shape you are playing, it actually could be a F3 (Major 3rd on the bottom). Since the scale you are using is F minor pentonic (with blues notes/minor third added), this is why it sounds so weird.

If you would change the Cmaj7 to just a B5, it might do the trick, otherwise I have no other clue how to help.