hey guys not sure if this is the right spot to post it or not please dont flame me haha i just want to learn how to play this guitar

ive been reading through the lessons and i know how to read tabs but the first lesson it tells me to practise my A D and G cord and it says if you dont know these reffer to the APEguitar cord thingy but i cant find that any where so can some plesae explain to me what fret my fingers need to be on and what strings to play these cords thank a ton
Invest in a good chord book. You can get one at any book or music store. Also pick up a beginner guitar book and learn to read music along with tab. That will help you get started.
ok now that i know how to play them i just dont get it i can only hold the cord for like 3 seconds before my fingers feel like they are about to be cut in half but steel guitar stings... any tips?
Just keep at it. We all started like that. Eventually you will build callouses.