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Yeah he's pretty funny.

There was a thread on him not too long ago btw.

oh, sorry.

i guess its called the search button.

should i delete this?
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he makes me laugh.
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Yeah he's pretty funny, especially his act with the guitar.
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I didn't see his new stand up on Comedy central, but I loved him when he was a correspondent on the daily show for an episode or two. The guys funny as hell
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i think he's pretty funny. but sometimes it seems like he plays guitar or piano to show off and cover up for the fact that he's not really saying his best material. but i like him.
What I love about him, being a musician myself as im sure most of us here are, is that hes not just funny, but hes actually a good musician and his songs actually sound good musically not just comedically. And the joke, "The great wall of china vs. the OK wall of china," cracked me up
he's one of my favorite comedians
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i liked his special on comedy central i think it was called person or something
"if u dont know the difference between a spoon and a ledel... then ure FAT" hehe i loved that joke
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demetri =
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I recently saw him on Comedy Central all my friends in school were still laughing, yeah funny guy.
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He likes his unnecessary bells alot.I like when he came up with a creative way to get his harmonica thingy on.My favortie comedian.
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I love the guy. I find his style really unique.

ya he uses like rly obvious stuff and points out like the stupidity of it
<Raven> I got so baked last night
<Raven> that I WOKE UP high o_o
<Raven> Do you have any idea how euphoric that is?
<Raven> I felt like I was being born.
i like it because when you want to retell one of his jokes it doesnt take a half an hour and it still sounds cool coming out of your mouth
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I saw his special on comedy central. He was really funny...plus he had a guitar.
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Every comic I find that I love gets popular a year later. First it was Mitch, now Demetri. I also feel like I can refer to them by their first name. God damn I'm awesome.

Just sayin'.
yeah hes very very funny

one of my fav comedians...besides Carl Barron
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it nice to see someone not yelling "get er done" on comedy central.
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yea, hes pretty funny. it seems like hes trying to act like Mitch Hedburg alot, tho. Maybe its just me, idk. but yeah, hes pretty funny.
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ya he uses like rly obvious stuff and points out like the stupidity of it