Besides Marshall and Mesa/Boogie. Is ampeg good? whats a good solid state amp head + cabinet thats reliable, under $700 for both?
There is no "best brand" of amps. It depends on what sound you want at the time. Ampeg are the old masters of bass amplification though, much like Marshall is for guitar amps. Marshall isn't held in very high regard for its bass amps, mostly because their first attempts at amplifiers for bass were just guitar amps marketted as bass amps and as such didn't stand up to the low frequencies very well. There are a few well known bassists who use Marshall these days, but these tend to be non-traditional bassists who use a lot of distortion and have high treble, such as Lemmy from Motorhead or Jesse F Keeler from Death From Above 1979.

If you're after good SS stuff then I recommend Ashdown or Gallien Kreuger. Ashdown is the best for warm vintage stytle sounds, whereas GKs are the best for modern sounds (Flea for example uses GK)
mesa make bass amps?

edit: i never knew they did, i thought they were just Guitar amps.

anyway, ashdown FTW. very nice amps.
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wawrick has some nice stuff but ampeg is a god on earth
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Mesa make some great bass amps. I don't really like Warwick - I think they are overpriced and bland sounding.
There was just a Best Bass Amp Thread and the winner was Gallien Krueger with Mesa Boogie in second.
well as stated before there is no "best brand" there are brands that are viewed by most as the "most proffered"

Gallien Krueger < (my fav!)
mesa boogie,
a few more...

and as far as I know marshall hasn't had a popular bass amp sense the "marshall super bass lead in the 80s, they were made to go with marshalls line of super lead guitar amps, -a great bass amp in itself giving a versatile tone- it started to catch on with guitarist and bassist alike, I.E. Adam jones of tool mixes a marshall bass amp with a Diezel VH4S,

altho the amp is now discontinued its now a very sawt after amp,
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Don't forget Eden amps. Their high end stuff is pretty pricey but even their nemesis line is great sounding and affordable.
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I know you said solid state, but hartke make some really nice amps and cabinets too, im thinking of buying one
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