Just bought a DigiTech JamMan Looper here off ebay for $239. Not half bad. These go for $450, but as low as $300 new. Haven't seen many at all go for under $250 on ebay, so I snatched this up when I saw it.

Anyone else use one of these? I play open mics regularly Thursday Nights here in chicago, and I've seen many artists do some amazing things with this pedal. One of my biggest peaves of playing live is that I can't do it all just on my own, but with this looper pedal, I'll be able to incorporate backup vocals, lead guitars, and harmonizing guitar parts as well when I play live. Looking quite forward to getting this and messing around with it!

Out of the looper pedals available on the market, did I make a safe purchase by getting this one?
You should have asked that before you bought it :P
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