I'm now a Grade 11 student in Vancouver. Before Christmas, I had no prospective in life. Then I bought myself an electric guitar and an amp. They are Ibanez RG350DX and a Marshall MG15DFX. I started playing and I was progressing well. I realized an electric guitar is not that simple. It has so many complicated stuff. Electronics, quality of wood, string tension, and the bridge. Mine has a Floyd Rose, I mean it's so sophisticated and those features attracted me very much. So I decided that I'll be a Guitar manufacturer.

This is how I will do it.

I'll finish high school, get into a university, Engineer major. Then I'll study the electronics and the maybe come mechanical shit. Maybe some art, because I want to try to design guitars. After university, maybe I'll keep study deeper if it is needed.

After my graduation, I'll work for Fender or Gibson or Ibanez, maybe some other brands...I don't know.

Then I quit, and start my own brand, and design and manufacture guitars.

The only problem I have is how I get the money to start a company. And I know there will be more problems I don't see right now. But I really like guitars. =]

I mean I don't have to be good at playing guitar, but I can study the technology and design.

And what else should I study to comprehend the technology of a guitar?

After I establish my factory, I'll start making guitars. So you guys, you rockers, you can come to my company to make your own sig guitar!

Just like Clapton, Jeff Beck, Steve Vai, you'll have your own sig guitar made in my factory!

lol im just kidding. But maybe this will happen. So yeah, 30 years later, you'll be holding your own sig guitar with my brand. And you will realize, oh yeah, I remember this guy, he's from UG! lol!
I just skimmed through it considering I have to go now...

But I read this...

"So yeah, 30 years later, you'll be holding your own sig guitar with my brand. And you will realize, oh yeah, I remember this guy, he's from UG! lol!"

Good luck man, be sure to give your first guitar to your first poster to your thread!

*edit* : , give it to the second poster!
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well golly son, what a wonderful little adventure that looks to be.

here is a nice shiny nickel to get you started.

really though, good luck. sounds like a decent plan. i hope it works out for you.
well to get the knowledge to start your own business i would suggest studying some business in college. you'll have to understand how to form a solid business plan to present to your investors.

one of the biggest obstacles you'll face is brand loyalty. when i look for a new guitar i look for the established brands. i want something that i can trust, and something i can show off. so i'll looke to fender, martin, etc. maybe you'd have better luck building custom guitars instead of producing a line. i'm not saying you won't be successful, i'm just throwing some ideas out that you should think about. good luck.
yeah, ive been building guitars since freshman year. its expensive as ****, and hard. theres little shit measurements that go into it that you overlook and the whole thing is ****ed.
why dont you just skip the whole university ?

I want one free............or ill find dirt ( black mail )..........and oh ya good luck.

cant wait to see you on the cover of forbes magazine
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Sounds like a wonderful plan, to be honest. I wish you all the luck, and if one day down the line I hold a "Infatuation" brand bass in my hands, I'll remember this thread.
...And it better be free...
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If I were in your position I'd learn to speak japanese and try get a job with ESP. Japan would be sweet.

lolo, you have any idea how hard it is to make a guitar? please go and post this at GB&C!

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