It's be fun to start one, I do vocals.
need a drummer, rhythym, lead guitarist and a bassist.

I'd like to sound like AFTeRSHOCK, early Killswitch Engage.
a bit of hardcore-ish elements.
It doesn't matter about sound quality. It's just for fun.
It'll be cool.

Hope someone's interested.
Hey! Heres an idea! Get a real goddamn life, get off the computer, and go and make real friends to jam with! How's that?
Someone's got an attitude. Not everybody has the time for a real band. And I don't live in a very big place to find bandmates.

I wouldn't mind doing something on guitar for you, but it's really hard to find someone to play drums around here. Just let me know.
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Yeah, you're right hokiecmo. I have a program that can make drum beats. It's pretty cool.
But like I said. This isn't serious. It's just a bit of fun.
But I'd be happy for you to do something on guitar for me.
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Cool. Now some bass and maybe another guitarist and we're good!
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sounds like good music sign me up for the second guitarist i can record and everything
Hey, I'm more than willing to play a bit with you guys on bass.
Although I'm not an avid metal listener, I am always trying to learn new styles and truly enjoy playing a variety of things.
What were you hoping to use to play together? Skype? MSN?
I've been playing bass for 3 years, although it has been very on-and-off. I have just started getting quite serious with learning more music theory and improving my playing.

If possible, Skype would be easier for me than MSN for playing together because I am on linux and am unable to use voice chat on MSN, though I'm sure I could if needed.

I would say my goal in playing with an online band would be to improve my talent and have some fun.

And hokiecmo, I'm just an hour or so north of you^_^ I'm just outside Washington DC in Maryland.

If you want to talk, PM me, post a message here, or give me an AIM message @ crankymonky0

One thing we may want to consider is timezones and availability.
Yeah, I've never been in one either. I have a Toneport that I use to record and all that. We can coordinate however everybody else wants, I'm open to anything. I just have a cheap computer mic, so playing together live would be a bit challenging for me, but I could manage with that.
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Peavey Triple XXX
You already have many guitarists interested, but hey let me know if you need another one.

I have AIM and MSN, along with a decent microphone.
My guitar is not a thing. It is an extension of myself. It is who i am.
haha. Awesome. I didn't expect so many so people to post.
But it's for fun, so I don't mind how many guitarists I have.
I'm prolly going to write some lyrics tonight.
And, about timezones and avalability. It doesn't matter, I don't want to force a deadline or anything else on anyone. You can all record in your own time.

P.S. altgrunge your band sounds sweet!!!
My MSN is; JaymesH@hotmail.co.uk
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Im bored and away from my band at uni so if you want another guitarist with 7 yrs experience who likes to play anything sure im up for it