This is a serious topic, albeit gross.

Every other night or so I'll find tonsiliths behind my tonsils. They're yellowish wet rock thingies that get stuck behind your tonsils... they have probably the worst concentration of bad smell than a fart bomb. At first I thought they were dried up snot balls that I'd choke up but then I found out what they were. They smell like camel turds. Now every night I have to check behind my tonsils to make sure there aren't any. It sucks.
yeah actually i have had them, like i'd be coughing and they came out, smells like terrible shit
so thats what that shit is that I hack up every once in awhile...
dwell not over dying, for it shall be the last thing you ever do.
Yeah push on your tonsils every other night so you squeeze out any crap thats in there... otherwise you'll have little rocks that are concentrated halitosis
buddy, pal. Get them once in 2 weeks. Initially, they're a pain. After some time u get used to it. i got some cool medicines which take care of me. consult a doc or so. if it still doesnt work, then get 'em chopped off.