well, since I'm having a hard time getting to bed, I was wondering what other people do to help get to bed. So far, I'm not sure if I actually have a clinical problem or not, but, whatever. And by the way I'm out of nyquil....so that puts that out of the option.

the tips I'll be typically expecting from UG, which I thing is futile to try and get people to not say...
1. Masturbate
2. Mariujana
3. ...*sighs*...buttseks
4. and self felatio

Masturbation never really worked for me. Listening to music is hit or miss. Sleeping by a heat source works for me(heater). I don't get very much sleep though, probably only 4-6 hours nightly, but that's up from before. Drinking water seems to do the trick as well.
Chloroform, im seriously considering it if i find out how legal it is
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Honestly... I have to have some kind of white noise, like a fan on or something, then hanging my head off the bed (Prolly makes me pass out) makes me fall asleep fast.

Masturbation DOESN'T work.

But I usually lay in the bed for hours before I fall asleep anyways... It's 2 AM now. If I laid down, I'd be asleep by... Probably 5.
yeah I'm thinking the white noise is gonna help, I just need my fan to be kinda...louder...
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Are you active during the day?

Try adding a bit more activity on top of your normal routine to help tire you out.

But if all else fails, play Pokemon Stadium 2. It's so boring, it gets me yawning after a few matches.

I used to fall asleep during that game.. No joke.. Wow I completely forgot about that.
Sorry, but marijuana does work really well, it's been helping me get to sleep for some time now, though I'm almost out so I don't know what to do.
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listen to Pachelbel's Canon In D. guaranteed sleep effect on account of being the most boring song ever.
my way,choose one:

1. listen to music
2. read something (because i dont like read,so reading make me sleepy)
3. swicth off the fan,you will feel hot,and then your whole body will be sweat.then,switch on the fan back. (you know how it feel)