Hey guys and Gals. Im just getting into the electric scene here soon. Ive been playing acoustic guitar so far and im going to be getting a Taylor T5 Electric. I want to purchase a nice amp for home, but i wont need to be doing that for 6 months or so as I am finishing up my college in June and moving back home.

That being said Im looking for a small amp that I can store in my dorm room and use to practice and jam with friends at their houses etc.

Some of the Music i like to play right now includes some Jazz, and Rock mainly, and Alternative. Fav bands to play include stuff like RHCP, AFI, Eagles, Zepplin, Foo Fighters and jazzy stuff etc like chet atkins.

That being said i dont play any metal, but i want something where i can get the gain up etc but also have some nice cleans etc.

As far as budget is concerned.... im not too sure.... what should be a reasonable budget do you guys think?? $300??