well for the six months you are it sounds quite nice.
but i did not enjoyed the listening of it very much. The rythem wasn't steady, there was no line in the song for the chords i shoul at least have expected some more open chords and extended powerchords. I must say though for the six months you're playing it sounds at least average. But if I were you i would not call this song as pretentious as words of life and I definately wouldn't call in an epic song.

i'd say listen to chords of life from joe satriani. Thats sounds a bit more epic.

to improve the song i should work on my rythem which will come overtime and i'd work on the melody to make that a bit more exciting and try to build the song in an overal picture a intrumental uses intros verses and chorusses as well as every other song.

and why the hell did you buy a 200 W crate... and an epiphone flying V. I myself find crates suck and when you just started for that amount of money you could buy a much nicer
20-50W amp which are sounding better becouse then you can get a good tone on a good volume without havind to cut down on the volume as also the dynamics of your tone.