im adding extra weight on my body,so i want to ask from you all opinion, what kind of exercise i should take..? is it joggin, or what...?
and you can also advise me about the food..teach me how to prepare salad..(if you want )
Lift heavy weights, buy a chin up bar for like 20 bucks and do excercises on that.
Eat food with lots of protein, eat your vegetables and make sure you have at least 3 meals a day.
Take in a hell load of carbs and protein. hmm just eat lots of healthy stuff.. sub potatos with erm? brown rice? and if you go to the gym take a protein shake after that to repair the muscles you tore
if you wanna put on beef you gotta do heavy weights and low reps.
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what are r u?. most people gain weight when they get into their 20's and also most chicks like slim guys so dont go ape
ah screw weights.. buy youself a bmx.. you excersise like every muscle doing so.. keeps me fit, if i didn't do it i'll be hell unbuff haha
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Virtually any exercise is good, bench press, clean press, military press, all that good stuff
Make sure you eat more red meat on your diet
The good old mile or two a day run is always good, clears the mind.
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