Generally I have no idea about strings! I'm gonna get a new set for my Yamaha F310(shit guitar). I'll probably get .10's but what are the good brands for strings so I wont get cheated out for my money by those damn commision-lovin-salesmen!

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For an acoustic get 11's if you want to go light, not 10's. Martin, D'addario, Kerly, Ernie Ball (Earthwood), and John Pearse are some of my favorite acoustic strings. I have been using Martin MSP3050's (11ga 80/20 bronze) for the last few years with no complaints whatsoever. Most people play phospher/bronze strings, but I prefer 80/20. It's all personal taste. You'll probably go through several sets before you find one kind you really like. Don't worry about the salesguys, they don't make much money on strings.
Thanks man, i know they dont make much but some are just plain idiots

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And they put you on the day shift
Everyones gonna give you varying answers bro, but, for what its worth I will give you my 2 cents worth.

IMO Elixir strings are the best you can get, they have a patented coating on them which makes them nice and slick, and they are said to last 3 to 5 times longer than any other string

High End guitar makers put them on their new Guitars at the Factory: Alvarez, Taylor, Cole CLark, Maton, Epiphone and tonnes more, which says it all really.

Check out their site for yourself Elixir Strings
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Yeah, go with .11's to start, but the brand is all personal taste. Go to the store and buy three or four different brands, and just try them out over the course of a couple months (or however often you change them).
Personally, I like the Ernie Ball Earthwood strings...I bought .13's by mistake once, but I'll never go back...I was surprised at how crisp and full the sound was, it was completely different from lighter guages/different brands. Highly reccomended...
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D'Addario make a sweet string IMO.
Currently my favourites
I use the EJ16's (12 - 53) phosphor bronze strings.
Lots of companies also use the EXP version of this string on their guitars when they come out from the factory.
Try out them and the Elixirs, They're both really good. Might end up coming down to the fact that some people don't like the feel of the coating on the Elixirs. Maybe you like it, maybe not.

Also, just a cool thing that I like about D'Addario's s that the packets the strings come in will break down, unlike most plastic. I think thats kinda cool that they're trying to help the environment.


The fact that i currently have no job, and therefore no spendable money (the little money i have in the bank is there for an emergency or something i really really want/need) keeps me on the D'Addarios as i can get a 3 pack of my favourite D'Addarios for the same price as a single set of Elixers
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Elixir Nanoweb are what I use. I use light gauge. They are coated and last a long time. I also really like them because of the way that your fingers slide on them, it doesn't rip up your fingers as bad as other strings. But they are brighter than many other strings. I have been using Elixirs for about a year. Before that I had used many strings. For a while I was using Martin SP for the sound of them, but I stopped using them because Elixir strings feel better to me. or just use dental floss.
I'll probably go with the D'Addarios or the Martins. I'm just doing this so I can lower the action and play kind of electric songs on it which should be cool cause right now its impossbile to play anything good past 7th fret.

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