why does playing bass with short finger nails sound so weird? i cant play properly, is there a technique or something?
Playing with long fingernails would sound wierd... I don't get the question.

Your fingernails shouldn't even hit the strings.
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You can get a real variety of tone from your fingertips depending on how you attack the strings. I don't know what you mean by "weird", but you can hook your fingers around the strings and pull hard for some aggressive funk sounds or use one finger to rake the strings and play out chords for some really mellow stuff. I think you can do a lot more with your fingers than any other bass playing style.
I've always had short fingernails and I've never noticed any problem playing bass with my fingers with them :S
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Playing with long nails sounds weird to me, plus it hurts if they catch on the strings
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Why does it sound weird? Try playing wiht a pic, you shoudl get pretty close to teh same sound. :P

Exactly. I don't prefer the sound of a pick.
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You're supposed to play fingerstyle with the tips of your fingers rather than your nails. It probably sounds "weird" and less defined because you're used to a pick, just a guess though. I actually like to play bass with picks and guitar with fingers a lot, weird eh? (But I play the opposite all the time too)
Cut your fingernails

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For me that would be endless cycles of broken nails, if I played with long nails.

If you want to fingerpick, suck it up and build up the callouses. Or use a pick. Both work.
i dont like using a pick, i think it sounds too harsh, even with a soft pick. but why play bass with long fingernails? it hurts and sounds thin and twangy. use the tips of your fingers and alternate between your index and middle fingers(i, m, i, m, i, etc.) youll get the hang of it if you practice.
yeah, i mainly use a pick, but when i play RHCP stuff, i mainly use my fingers