Just saw Tool's NZ Big Day Out set. Great stuff.

Just thought I'd share.
Wrong forum, home-fry.
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Wrong forum, home-fry.

Awh come on, theres practically everything in the Pit. Seemed like the best place for a random post that no one should really care about.

^ You could've posted in the Tool thread in the Modern Rock forum.
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oh god. im seeing them in less that 48 hours at the GC BDO. i think im about to wet my..... oh wait. ill be right back.

but anyways. i cant wait. did they play more of the new stuff or old stuff??
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^ You could've posted in the Tool thread in the Modern Rock forum.

Yep. Or here. This was the first place that came to mind. I'm sure that, in time, you will all come to forgive me for posting something so outrageous in the pit.

Edit: Yeah, they played a couple of new songs, but most of it was old stuff. Head and shoulders over the other performances, definitely. I think I saw the stage once. Sound was alright though, considering how far back I was and the type of setup. Great show.
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Just saw a n00b post in the wrong thread. Bad stuff.

Just thought I'd report you.
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