Hi, I was just wondering whether putting my valve amp in front of a radiator is going to damage it in any way, or shorten the life of the valves. I'd appreciate it if anyone could tell me if they've had problems with their amp as a result of this. I need to move the amp to have room for my new pedals in front of it! Thanks in advance
Not much to be honest, I suppose if there's sufficient space it won't be as much of a problem? And as an aside - I have a lite ash tele and they rock
You want a little gap for ventilation, them valves cook you know. I doubt putting it next to a hot radiator is going to do any good for it.
Yeah ok so bad idea, I was afraid as much. Guess its time to find a plan b then.... Thanks for your help everyone. By the way is that 6 inch rule a general one? For any wall not just a radiator
6 inches is a good general rule, but that's with a wall. You'd need at least twice the distance if you're going to be putting in front of a radiator.
I wouldn't really risk it, it probably won't get hot enough to damage the amp, but I wouldn't try it anyway.
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shit my valveamp is near a radiator
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you could stick a fan there to cool it off, but that ruins the point of the radiator.
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You could always take the back off the amp to let more air in.
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