I've been learning for about 8 weeks now, and i'm starting to doubt my progress, a lot of what my teacher has been teaching me for the last couple of weeks has been more so about rhythm and timing, although he has given me a few solos (Let it Be by the Beatles).

The most i think i've improved on is my chord progressions, he taught me how to change my strings, the harmonics at the 5th, 7th and 12th.

He's even been trying to teach me another method to recognise notes, instead of saying the individual notes like eagbd etc. hes been telling me to use numbers that correspond to the note of different keys, for example c key, main notes of cdefgab, he wants me to recognise them as 1234567, and to remember tham as do re mi fa so la ti do of each different key, he says it's an old technique, but once i master it, he says it'll be much easier for me to play if i ever change to a different key. he had a chinese name for it, i'm not sure what it is in english.

one thing that slightly worries me a bit is the fact that he expects me to do some sight reading for some songs even some solos, which i can, very very slowly but i find that i need to work on my fingering accuracy, he said that i really don't need scales, even though his soloing is absolutely amazing.

can anyone advise me if there is any software or lessons that can supplement my learning?
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Your teacher is right to focus on timing and rhythm as it's the most important aspect of guitar, bar none. Without rhythm, guitar is pointless.

If there's anything you feel you need to improve on, then you should apply yourself and try and tackle that problem in your practice time, outside of his lessons.

Guitar Pro could help you with sight reading as it plays the music for you, whilst scrolling across the tab/sheet music. Personally, I have no idea how to read music, but I'm sure it could be helpful to you. If you can't afford Guitar pro, or don't want to download it illegally, then you could always opt into downloading Power Tab for free.

Speed isn't something you should be worrying about at the stage you're at. Work on accuracy and timing, because these are the fundamental aspects of guitar that act as a foundation you'll need to build advanced techniques on to. If you don't have a steady foundation, you'll never progress.
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thanks for your help. i'll keep that in mind
I finally got my gear!

Squier Deluxe Series Satin Trans Double Fat Strat
Roland Cube 15