How do I do that?

I have no control or strength in my fingers(especially my pinky) what-so-ever,wich makes it practically impossile to play a chord that spans over more than two frets..
And on top of that my fingers are really short.

So any advise is well recived.
Practice is the only advice. Your fingers will become stronger and you will get more use from all of them including the pinky. When i first started i was exactly the same and couldnt use my pinky at all. You just need patience, it will come.
hhah, yeah, i remember when i went to my friends house across the road when i didnt even have a guitar, he tried to get me to play a powerchord, and i just couldnt do it, but now i can span my fingers like 7 frets +
to help your fingers problem the best thing you can do is practicing

the pentatonics are the best way to practice whit your fingers
Hi everybody
practice... then practice... and lastly guess what? this is really neat. You have to practice!! omgawshers who wooda guessed?
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Practice, basically.

Also, you may not feel that the pinky is not that important...

IT IS!!!

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