i have made about, 2 mins somethin of a song, but i cant get it to go anywhere, if you get what i mean, as in, im stuck in the same kinda tune and cant find a way to get out of it....like the song isnt goin anywhere, can any one give me some tips, me n the band have played wat ive got so far, and it doesnt sound that bad, but yer like i said before it feels like its ot goin anywhere because im stuck in the same tune.

the start goes for a while, and its a bit hard to make the feed back noises at the start in MIDI coz, well MIDI sounds like crap, but meh what are ya gonna do?

so yer any tips or advive or anything would be greatly appreciated

(and yes im not good at explaining things)
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MIDI isn't sound... it's signal. However General MIDI has sound! And why you are using General MIDI in 2007 is beyond me. Let me guess.. you use PeeCees. As for writing...
It was pretty corny.. there was nothing catchy about this. I would put this to the side and work on something people will actually want to listen to.
I was once heavily prominent on these forums from 2004-2007, let's see how long I can stay now that I'm back.
^ u havent heard it with the lyrics, and wen its played with the whole band...and it does sound a lot worse in MIDI so yer

im gonna post up a better version soon
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