ok I just got emg active pickups installed in my axe replacing my previous passive pickups and of course this entailed changing the pots and i get my guitar within hours which is cool except that the knobs i had no longer fit...so my question is what type of knobs do i need/want and where can i find them. any and all suggestions are welcome and much appreciated.....?

Ps the new pots have have threads protruding through the pickguard and the splittop has larger diameter im not sure what type of pots he used...but the old ones were 2 tone controls and a volume control so i would assume that is what he replaced them with...and they all seem to be the same diameter...
Do you have a lespaul body guitar? They need longer pot shafts. If its just the knobs, take your guitar with you to a shop and try some replacements. Ive never run into this problem and I have a bunch of old pots laying around which fit all my guitar knobs perfect.
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I have a strat body style... they are taller than my old ones and larger diameter but one old knob fits diameter wise but it sits way above pick guard so they are taller too i was hoping to find something online but im thinking i may have to go back to the shop and see what they have on hand...thx